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What is Insta Link by eclincher?
Insta Link (or otherwise referred to as link in bio) is a great way to drive traffic to certain products, content, or services through one link. You can brand your Insta Link page with your logo and share multiple links, tag images with multiple tags, and start creating more opportunities for engagement, traffic, and sales. Think of your Insta Link page as a mini website right inside your business Instagram account. You can even update and add tags to your Insta Link page as you schedule content through eclincher.

Use Cases for Insta Link by eclincher:
eCommerce or B2C companies looking to promote listicles, featured products, campaigns, or channels of products through Instagram
B2B Companies looking to promote your foundation, non-profit, employee campaigns, other campaigns, your blog, or your products or services through Instagram
Authors, Marketers, Marketing Agencies, & Social Media Managers promoting your featured content, upcoming events or webinars, products or services through Instagram

This article will guide you how to:
- Access your Insta Link from your eclincher account
- Create and Customize your Insta Link Page
- Schedule and Publish your post with Insta Link
- Add the Insta Link to your Instagram Bio
-Organize your Insta Link Page Domain

Accessing Insta Link from your eclincher account.

_ From the left hand side of your dashboard, click on Publishing and select Insta Link Page.

From your live feeds. To the left side of your dashboard, please select an Instagram profile, and click on the Insta Link icon ( bag icon)

From Publishing and Scheduling. After attaching a media from your post editor area, please click on Add Image to Insta Link Page action button.

Please take note of the following:

Always select one Instagram Profile when creating a post for Insta Link.
For the Approval Work flow, External Users can only edit the captions and photos of your post, not the URL for the Insta Link

Create and Customize your Insta Link Page

Setup (Setup Insta Link Page)
- Change your logo, add a company name and a brief description of your Insta Link Page.

In the mobile preview section, click to select an Image
- The mobile grid preview allows you to easily access your photos and choose one you'd like to attach a link to.

Add External link to the section and save it to your Grid
- Upon clicking an image from the mobile view, you can be able to edit to add and external link and save it to your grid from the Image Settings.

Edit Insta Link Page
- Gives you a preview of your Insta Link Page, and edit your photo ( Edit or delete the link, delete the photo and re-order)

Your Default Preview Domain
- Clicking the link from the Preview Domain will bring you to another tab opening your Insta Link Page

Embed your link to your website
- If you would like to showcase your Insta Link to your website, just copy and paste the code, and it will be displayed as an iframe.

Disable Insta Link
- Disabling your Insta Link page will delete all relevant data. The link will not available anymore after disabling it.

Publishing and Scheduling your post with Insta Link

From your Post Editor Area, select the Instagram account you would like to publish to.
After uploading an image, the action button "Add Image to Insta Link Page" will appear.
Clicking on the button will give you a new pop up where you can edit the image settings.
- Add an external link to your image ( optional : Edit link with a Google UTM tracking)
- Add tags to your Image
Remember to click Save afterwards.

Adding the Insta Link to your Instagram Bio

From your Insta Link page, click on "Preview Insta Link Page" button at the bottom part of the page

Copy the URL of your Insta Link Page then paste it to the website section on your instagram Profile

Easily access your Insta Link from your Instagram Profile. Clicking the unique Insta Link will redirect you to your Insta Link Page

Organizing your Insta Link Page Domain

Your Insta Link is like a mini website where you can showcase your Product and add tags with an external URL. You personalize this by going to your eclincher Insta Link Page. Please note that all of the images will mirror what is in your domain grid once you have added a link or tags. Clicking on an image with a link or tag will redirect you to the external URL that you have entered from your eclincher Insta Link Page.

Insta Link Analytics

If you have additional questions, or suggestions to make this capability better, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you! Our Support Team is available 24/7 to assist you.

Thank you,
The eclincher Support Team

Updated on: 14/10/2022

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