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Choosing Team Roles and Permissions

Configuring Team Roles and Permissions

Tailoring access levels based on roles for effective collaboration

Learn how to assign specific role-based access for your team members in eclincher.

To support the smooth functioning of your business, eclincher provides the flexibility to assign appropriate permissions to users within your team.

Consider the following key roles and permissions when configuring your account:

The original eclincher account owner holds the highest level of permissions as the Main Admin. They have complete control over billing, plan management, and access to all features available in their plan. The Main Admin is also responsible for provisioning accounts for the rest of the team.

The team members can be categorized as Internal or External users, with the option to limit their access to specific brands (in the Agency Plan).

External users are typically assigned under the Agency plan to cater to the agency's customers. Agency customers (external users) can view post proposals through an external portal, and their feedback is seamlessly recorded in eclincher as part of the post approval workflow. With the current version, you can allow external users to connect their social media accounts and profiles without sharing their login credentials.

Internal users constitute your core team members. Their visibility can also be limited to specific brands (in the Agency Plan). The permissions for Internal users can be further refined based on their role, with three options available:

Admin: Admins have access to all system capabilities for the assigned brand(s). They can configure social media profiles, change settings, approve posts, publish content, create engaging content, and perform community management tasks.
Publisher: Publishers share similar access as Admins, except they cannot configure social media profiles and feeds for the brand. This role is suitable for senior team members who primarily focus on approving and publishing content, along with community management and content creation.
Contributor: Contributors have limited access options and are suitable for team members primarily involved in content creation and community management tasks. They cannot publish directly to social profiles or change configurations, requiring approval from others for their post content.

The table below provides a comprehensive view of access permissions based on account type and role:


The table above is based on the Agency plan, which offers a wide range of options for roles and permissions.
Managed users can now be granted the ability to Add/Remove other managed users and access Billing Information.
The same roles and permissions apply to the Premier plan, considering a single default brand, with permissions assigned by profile.
The Basic plan features a single account with the highest permission level as the Main Admin. The concept of brands and additional team accounts does not apply to the Basic plan.
Media Library, Custom Reports, and Competitor Reports are exclusively available in the Premier and Agency plans.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team. We're available 24/7 to assist you.

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Updated on: 08/09/2023

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