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How to Add and Manage Users

Adding Teamwork To Your Workflow

Without teamwork, your team won't work, right? Teamwork is critical to the success of every business. Collaboration within a group can help solve difficult problems, and working together allows teams to find the solution that works best. In social media management, collaboration is key to overcome social media overwhelm and tackle your workload more efficiently and faster. Here's how to manage your team within your eclincher account.

You can add and manage user in the User Settings

Please note: Adding and managing USERS is available for PREMIER and AGENCY plans. Only the Main Admin of the account has the permission to do this.

To add a USER, just click 'Add New User':


These types of users will have their own login credentials. Depending on the permission given by the Main Admin, the Internal User may also:

1. Add Additional Users
2. Have access to the Billing Section
3. For External Users - with enough permission, they can now be able to add social media profiles from their dedicated external link.

For Internal Users, you should fill up the following information

Make sure to assign at least one profile to the user. You can select profiles and permissions here

Note: For Premier accounts; the Main Admin can assign social media profile(s) per user. Agency accounts; the Main Admin can assign Brand(s) per user.

The Main Admin can now enable the following additional permissions to Internal Users:

1. Add/ Remove Users - with this permission, Internal User can delete and add internal users from the Users setting.
2. Billing access - with this permission, the Internal User can access billing information, and invoices.

There are 3 roles/permissions you can choose for the Internal User. (A user can have different permissions for different profiles/ brand)

1. Admin - has access to all system capabilities for the assigned brand(s), such as configuring social media profiles, changing various settings options, approving posts, publishing, creating content and performing community manager role.

2. Publisher - have similar access as Admins, except they can’t configure social media Profiles and Feeds for the brand. This role is suitable for senior members of the team, who approve and publish content. In addition they can perform all other tasks, such as community management and content creation.

3. Contributor - is the most restricted role in terms of access options. This role is suitable for members of the team who mainly create content and perform community management tasks. However they can’t publish to social profiles or change configurations and will need others to approve their post content.


These type of users have their dedicated links where the can access pending posts for approvals as a part of the post approval workflow This is ideal for clients, for them to be able to check, approve, reject, comment on posts in a white label, customized page.

With enough permissions, External Users can now add their social media profiles to an eclincher account.

For External Users, you should fill out the following information

Password is optional for External Users

You can click on "VIEW tab to check the External User's page. This URL can be sent to the External Client, where he could approve, reject, comment, edit, (only if you enable it) on posts that are assigned to him. They can also Add social media profiles from the Manage accounts tab, if the Main Admin enabled this permission.


Please click on User Setting, and select Delete User or Suspend User (User will not be able to access account temporarily).

Click Save right after.


This cannot be edited. What you would need to do is delete the user, and re-add him using a different email. No posts will be deleted if you delete a user.


With the addition of the Notification Settings in the platform, as a Main Admin, you are now able to set the notification settings of your managed users (Internal Users). You can check the article about Notification Settings by clicking HERE.

Now that you know how to Manage your team, you can learn more about the Post Approval Process here.

If you have additional questions, or suggestions to make this capability better, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you! Our Support Team is available 24/7 to assist you.

Thank you,
The eclincher Support Team

Updated on: 19/06/2022

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