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Post Approval Workflow

How to Use Post Approval Workflow for Internal Team Members or External Users (Clients)

The post approval workflow in eclincher allows you to request approval before publishing your posts. Approved posts will be scheduled and added to the calendar. You can assign approval rights to internal team members or external users (clients) to ensure the posts are reviewed and approved before going live. Here's how you can use the post approval workflow:

Internal Team Members

Internal team members are the individuals who work with you to manage social profiles.

External Users

External users are clients or stakeholders who don't need access to eclincher but need to approve posts before they are published.

Post Approval Workflow Process

Create a new post and add a schedule.
Click on the "More Options" button next to "Save" and select "Approval". You can choose to add the post to your Approval List or assign an approval workflow to the post.

Step 1

Step 2

You can find all the posts that require approval in the Approval List. Click on "Approval List" to access it.

Approval List

You can filter the Approval List by date, status, approvers, and profiles for easier management.


Assign the post(s) to an approver:

- Assign a single post:
- Click on "Assigned to" and select the team member.
- Click "Save".

Assign Single Post

- Assign multiple posts in bulk:
- Manually select the posts or use the "Select All Pages" option.
- Click on "Bulk Actions" and select "Assign For Approval".
- In the pop-up, select the team member to assign the posts for approval.

Assign Bulk Posts

Collaboration and Comment History:
- Clicking on a post's comment will open the Comment History and Collaboration pop-up.
- You can view the post creator, the assigned team member, and internal notes (comments) from internal and external users.
- Mention team members for easier collaboration from the Comment History and Collaboration pop-up.
- You will be notified on your dashboard when mentioned.


Assigning Posts to Internal and External Users:
- Decide whether you want to work in a "single" or "hierarchy" workflow.
- Single Workflow: Any single approver can approve the post, and it will move to the calendar.
- Hierarchy Workflow: All assigned approvers must approve the post in a specified order for it to move to the calendar.

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Special Settings for External Users (Clients):
- If the post is assigned to an external team member, you will receive a unique URL to send to them for approval. Use the "Copy Link" option to share it.
- External clients will see a fully customized and white-labeled page where they can edit, approve, reject, and add comments to the posts.
- Approved posts will be automatically added to your calendar, and rejected posts will remain in the approval list folder.

External Users

Note: To manage external users, go to user settings, click on the "external user" tab, select the relevant user, and adjust their access rights and permissions.

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Updated on: 04/06/2023

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