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Email Approval Workflow

Understanding the External Approval Workflow

The External Approval Workflow allows you to involve non-internal users, known as External Approvers, in the post approval process. These external users can be added to the platform by providing their name, email address, and relevant social media profiles. Upon receiving an email notification, the external approvers can choose to Approve, Reject, or Edit the post before it is published. It's important to note that external approvers cannot log in to the eclincher platform as this is a white label solution.

An example use case for the External Approval Workflow is when you need to seek approval from individuals outside your organization before publishing a post. To utilize this workflow effectively, follow the steps below:

Setting up External Approvers:

Hover over the upper-right part of the screen and click on "Publishing Settings."

Step 1

Select the "External Approvers" tab.

Step 2

Click on "Add Approvers" to create a line for an external approver. Enter the following information:

- Approver's Full Name
- Approver's Email Address
- Linked Profiles

Step 3

After adding the relevant information, click on "Save Changes."

By default, the Email Status will be set as "Verify email now." To enable external approvers to approve/reject posts, you must click on "Verify email now" to send a verification email. Once the email approver's address is verified, the status will show as "Verified."

Step 4

Available Options for External Approvers:

External Approvers Options

- "Automatically publish scheduled post if user forgot to approve or reject": This option determines whether the scheduled post will be automatically published if it was previously approved or rejected and the publishing schedule has passed.

- "Verification Email": You can customize the subject and body of the verification email by clicking on "Edit Template."

Verification Email Template

- "Approval Email": Customize the subject and body of the approval email by clicking on "Edit Template."

Approval Email Template

Utilizing the External Approvers Function:

Create a scheduled post.

Click on "More Options" and select "External approvers: Send email now to request post approval."

Step 2

Once the email is received, there are three options available: Approve, Reject, and Edit Text.

- Approve: This option approves the scheduled post, and a confirmation page will be displayed.

- Reject: This option rejects the scheduled post entirely and the post will not be published.

Updated on: 26/05/2023

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