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Optimize Your Posting Time: Work Smarter, Not Harder!

One of the biggest challenges in content publishing is determining the ideal time to post. This decision depends on various factors, including your audience, social channels, and industry.

With eclincher's 'Best Time To Post' feature, we take the guesswork out of scheduling by showing you the optimal times to post on your social media channels. By leveraging this feature, you can reach your audience more effectively and maximize the return on investment (ROI) for your campaigns. Let us handle the heavy lifting and provide you with valuable insights on when to schedule your posts. We'll help you identify the perfect day, hour, and minute for each platform, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Currently, eclincher provides curated Best Times to Post for the following social media channels:
Facebook (Requires a Facebook page with 100 or more fans)
Instagram (Requires an Instagram Business account with 100 or more followers)
LinkedIn (Shows the number of most engagement of your top 100 posts per day)

For Facebook and Instagram, the data is based on the number of online followers, while for LinkedIn, it relies on the engagement of your top 100 posts. This article will guide you on setting up your 'Best Time to Post' settings, ensuring that your high-quality content receives the visibility it deserves and has the potential for higher engagement.

There are three ways to access the Best Times to Post feature:
I. From the Drag & Drop Posts section
II. From the Analytics tab under Built-in Reports
III. From the Publishing area

I. Best times to post from the Visual Scheduler
eclincher's advanced feature provides you with the best times to post for each profile.

To access this feature, click on the Publishing section on the left-hand side of your Dashboard and select Publishing & Scheduling.

Step 1

Once there, set the view to 'Drag & Drop Posts' and select the Week view.

Step 2

Activate the Best Times to Post option by clicking the dropdown icon in the upper right corner of the Visual Calendar after selecting a profile. You can disable this feature by unchecking the option in the dropdown.

Step 3

The green highlight indicates the Best Times to post. Once activated, you can drag and drop single or multiple images to the highlighted time slots.

Step 4

- You can access media from our Media Library or integrate with Google Drive and Dropbox accounts.

Media Access

II. Best Times to Post from the Analytics section

To access this feature, click on Analytics on the left-hand side of your Dashboard and select Built-In Reports.


You can choose from Facebook Reports, Instagram Reports, or LinkedIn Company & Showcase Reports.

Report Selection

The Best Times to Post can be found on the Posts tab of the Analytics Report.

Posts Tab

III. Publishing Area

You can now auto-pick the Best Times to post as you create your content, without the need to switch to the Analytics section. Simply click on Schedule and select Auto pick Best Time.


Note: Auto-picking Best Times to post only works with one profile at a time: Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 Support Team. We are here to assist you. And if you have any suggestions to enhance this capability, feel free to share them with us. We value your feedback!

Thank you,
The eclincher Support Team

Updated on: 20/06/2023

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