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How to find popular hashtags and use tagging

Using and Finding Popular Hashtags, Mentions, and Tags

Supported networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter

This article provides guidance on how to use and find popular hashtags, mentions, and tags on various social media platforms. The topics covered include:

Finding popular hashtags on Twitter and Instagram
Tagging people and locations on Instagram
Mentioning people/brands on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn


Recently Used Hashtags

Social media platforms store the hashtags you have used in your previous posts. When you start typing a hashtag in the post editor, a list of your latest hashtags will appear as suggestions. On Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the platform shows your most recently used hashtags.

Recently Used Hashtags

Suggested Hashtags (Instagram & Twitter)

Instagram and Twitter offer a "Suggested Hashtags" feature that helps you find the most popular hashtags related to your search. When creating a post, you will see a "Suggested Hashtags" button. Clicking on it will open a pop-up where you can search for top hashtags and add them to your post by clicking the "Insert hashtag(s) button." You can also save these hashtags for future use.

Suggested Hashtags

Please note that Instagram has limitations on the number of hashtag queries. You can query a maximum of 30 unique hashtags within a 7-day period. "Unique" means 30 different hashtags, so you can search the same term multiple times without limitation.

Mentioning / Tagging

You can mention or tag other accounts directly from e-clincher. Here's how you can do it on each social platform:


- Mentioning People: Instagram no longer shows suggested mentions, but you can still mention a profile by typing "@ + the correct account name." The mentioned user must have a public account. If the account is set to private, the post will fail to publish. You can also view "Recent Mentions" to mention accounts you've used in previous posts.

Mentioning People

- Tagging People (in an image): You can tag people in an image by clicking the "Tag People" button. Type the correct Instagram account name, click "Add," choose the tag placement, and click "OK." Make sure to enter the correct username to avoid a "Username was not recognized on Instagram" warning.

Tagging People

- Tagging Location: You can also add a location tag to your Instagram post. Click "Add Location," type the location, choose from the suggestions, and click "OK."

Tagging Location

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

To mention a person or business on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn (profile, page, or account), you can choose the target mention from a drop-down list. e-clincher provides "Suggested Mentions" from the respective platforms' APIs. You can select one or more mentions and add them to your post.

- Twitter: Select

mentions from the "Suggested Mentions" list.

Twitter Mentions

- Facebook: Choose mentions from the "Suggested Mentions" list, and you can also specify whether you want to search for pages or places.

Facebook Mentions

- LinkedIn: You can only mention LinkedIn Company Pages.

LinkedIn Mentions

When selecting multiple networks in the post editor, the search feature for mentions will only populate mentions from one platform. The priority goes to Twitter. To mention in your posts, it is recommended to create separate posts for each social network.

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Updated on: 27/06/2023

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