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How to add or change video thumbnails

How to add/change video thumbnails

Attract viewers to your content with the right thumbnails!

Thumbnails act like billboards to catch the eye of viewers and prompt them to want to watch your video(s). Well designed thumbnails can yield a higher conversion to viewers of your video post.

You have the option of choosing and customizing thumbnails when posting to Facebook Pages, You Tube or Instagram. For Instagram you can use any Image from the video as an alternative thumbnail. For Facebook and You Tube, you have an option of uploading another image, in addition to selecting one from the video.

Here's a step by step guide for choosing custom thumbnails:

Create a post for Instagram, Facebook (Page) and/or YouTube and upload the desired video:

Click on the "Set Video Properties" button that appears once the video loading is complete.

A pop up will open.

You can either select an existing thumbnail from the video (Facebook/Instagram/YouTube) or upload a custom image to be used as the thumbnail for the video (Facebook/YouTube only - click on the + sign).

Click OK when done.

The thumbnail is now added or changed to the new image. You can see it by clicking the See Preview button.

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Updated on: 19/06/2022

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