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Mastering Email and Push alerts

Mastering Email and Push alerts

Taking advantage of trigger email/push notifications for key scenarios and how to configure them to fit your needs

Email and push notifications are designed to alert you and your team about important events in the system.

In this article, we’ll review what they are and how to enable them for one or more of these key scenarios:

Inbox update push notification
Email notifying team about Inbox assignments
Post failure email
Email to request post approval from team
Email to request post approval from client
One time queue gets empty email
Instagram publishing push notification

Let's review each case now.

1. Inbox update push notification

In addition to the count of open items in the Inbox menu, you can enable alerts to tell you when new monitored items arrive.

To set it up:

Desktop: In e-clincher desktop app: Inbox->Inbox Settings->Notifications, set menus as shown below.
Mobile: Make sure notifications are enabled on your mobile device: iPhone->Settings->e-clincher->Notifications or Android->Settings->Notifications->App notifications->e-clincher.

2. Email notifying team about Inbox assignments

If you are on a Premier or higher plan, you can involve your team to handle Inbox items. Team members can use filters to view their Inbox workload and reassign items to each other as needed. To help your team stay current with incoming tasks, you can activate email notifications triggered when an item gets assigned.

To set it up:

In e-clincher desktop app: Go to Inbox. Then, select the note you'd like to assign. Press on the ... menu, and click on "Assign it".

Then select a team member and check Send email notification ...
You can also add a note with instructions to the assigned team member under "Add note" within the “assign it” pop up window that will open.

3. Post failure email

Due to the complexity of API requirements for certain social media networks, together with connectivity issues that occasionally occur, posts might not get published. e-clincher can send you an email notifying you about the failure right away and also provide additional details about the nature of the failure, so you can take appropriate action.

Here's how to enable post failure notification emails:

In e-clincher desktop app: Click the Bell icon around the upper-right part of the page > Click the 'Three-dot' icon > Settings. After that, find the "Post failed to publish" item and tick a check under the 'Mail' icon.

4. Email to request post approval from team

If your plan includes multiple team members, such as Premier or Agency, you can use email to notify your team about their post approval items. In order to trigger approval email notifications:

First, select the desired posts in Publishing->Approval List
And then, click on the 'Three-dot' icon ->Send email to request approval

5. Email to request post approval from "customer"

With the Premier and Agency plans, e-clincher has provisions for "external users", who work closely with you, but do not have access to the e-clincher platform. These are typically your customers. You can get their feedback and sign off on posts by sending them an email from the tool. All interactions and approval status will be recorded in the e-clincher platform automatically.

This is how it works:

Assign your customers the posts you want to get feedback / approval. First select the desired items in Publishing->Approval List and then Bulk Actions->Assign For Approval and check the relevant users on your approval list

e-clincher will then generate a link for you to include with the communication with your customer.

Copy this link and attach it to your email (or any other communication method with your customer). This link will redirect your customers to a web page that will include all your approval items and will allow your customers to write a comment, approve or reject your post. Note: e-clincher provides you with a white labeled version of the page as well as page customization tools, so you can make it your own and include your brand attributes.

Feedback from the customer will be captured automatically in e-clincher, providing you with an effective customer interaction workflow.

6. One-time queue is emptied

To stay on top of your posts schedule, you can set an email alert that will be sent once the One Time queue gets empty.

Publishing->Auto Post with Queues->Settings
Select one-time queue and then check Send email when one time queue is empty

7. Instagram publishing push notification

When publishing to Instagram you can do all the creative and approval part in e-clincher, but in some cases you might need to complete the process from your mobile device. A push notification will be generated to your device at the scheduled publishing time.

In order to trigger this push notification select Use Push Notification in Publishing->Publishing and Scheduling->Edit when posting a single image to Instagram Business, or as you can see below.

Here is a link to an excellent article on this topic which you can read next: Enable Instagram Publishing with Mobile Devices.

Thank you,
The e-clincher team

Updated on: 03/06/2022

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