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Facebook API changes regarding publishing to user personal profiles

Facebook API changes regarding publishing to user personal profiles

Facebook no longer supports publishing to personal profiles. Facebook recommends to convert user profile to a page.

Facebook has decided to implement changes to their platform to prevent spam and misuse. One of these changes includes removing the ability for partners to publish to personal Facebook profiles.

This change will become effective on July 31, 2018. In response to this, the e-clincher team needed to make the following changes:

Remove the ability to publish to connected Facebook personal profiles within e-clincher
Cancel scheduled posts to Facebook personal profiles, starting August 1st, 2018 (scheduled posts to personal profiles will not be sent to Facebook, since they are going to fail by Facebook)
Adding a new option to share to Facebook personal user profiles - "share now" button

Please note these changes do not impact your ability to publish and schedule posts to Facebook pages and groups that you own or with assigned admin role.
Most of our users already converted their personal Facebook profiles to pages. You can read more about Facebook page advantages below:

Facebook Profiles vs Facebook Pages

Facebook is actively encouraging people to use Facebook Pages for their business or organization, rather than personal profiles. Facebook is continuing to strengthen their APIs, providing Partners with more publishing options and analytics data. For example, e-clincher now offers direct publishing to Instagram pages and advanced Instagram analytics.

Below is a link to a Facebook FAQ, sharing more details on why you should convert your Personal Profile to a Page:

Why should I convert my profile to a Facebook Page?

Here is a link to convert your Facebook personal profile to a page:

Thank you,

The e-clincher Team

Updated on: 24/01/2020

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