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Facebook tokens keep expiring / Instagram Business tokens keep expiring

Facebook and Instagram Business tokens are a bit more sensitive compared to others. The tokens usually last 60 days, but the following may trigger expiration:

You no longer have Admin access (for Facebook Pages)
There is lacking permission to post to a certain FB page
You are publishing identical posts to several accounts at exactly the same time.
You are logging into your account from many different IP addresses (for instance, if several folks have the email and password login information for your account)
You are often logging in and out of several different accounts
You changed your Facebook account password (Renew tokens immediately after doing security changes in Facebook)
The Instagram Business account you are trying to post to is not properly connected to a Facebook page that you admin.

FYI: Facebook and Instagram Business uses the same tokens. (FB tokens). You will see which Facebook account token is being used under Add and Manage accounts.


If the Facebook account token is expiring more often than 60 days, then the scenarios mentioned above may be causing the problem. All you need to do is open, and visit the pages that you are managing/posting to using eClincher. Facebook displays what needs to be done on top of the page, before you can continue publishing to it.

For Facebook pages that have a very large audience, it is required that 2 Factor Authentication is enabled for the Facebook account admin or editor, before he/she can continue to publish to this page. For some FB pages, it is required that the Facebook account's Primary Country Location is verified.

If this is indeed required, but it is not enabled, Facebook tokens will always expire every time you attempt to post to this page. (Instagram Business tokens using the same FB account will also be expired, since they use the same FB token). You will know what Facebook requires by simply visiting the page using the Facebook account, and a message will be displayed on top of the page if you lack permissions. If there is no message, try posting to that FB page natively in, using the same Facebook account, then check if it will publish or if Facebook will give an error.

Please check this article for more information.

Facebook is enforcing this to combat compromised and fake accounts or pages.

To resolve this, just continue finishing all the requirements that Facebook says, and after all requirements are met, just go back to eClincher's Add and Manage accounts, and renew the tokens for both Facebook and Instagram Business (if IGB is using the same FB account).

You can check all requirements right here:


Go to your Facebook account settings

Under General -> View Identity Confirmation

After that, you will see PAGE PUBLISHING AUTHORIZATIONS. Make sure to complete all requirements under PAGE PUBLISHING AUTHORIZATIONS.

Once completed, go back to eClincher, and renew your tokens for Facebook and Instagram Business.


INSTAGRAM BUSINESS (Using the same FB account):


If all the above are checked, and you notice that only the Instagram Business account tokens keep expiring, it is also possible that the Instagram Business account is not properly connected to its Facebook page. Please check this article below, and see Step 8.

After you have ensured proper connection of the Instagram Business account to the Facebook page, just renew your Instagram Business tokens.

Updated on: 08/06/2022

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