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Facebook tokens keep expiring / Instagram Business tokens keep expiring

Understanding Expiration of Facebook and Instagram Business Tokens

Facebook and Instagram Business tokens are more sensitive compared to other tokens. While these tokens typically last for 60 days, certain actions or situations can trigger their expiration. Here are the common reasons for token expiration:

Lack of Admin Access: If you no longer have admin access to a Facebook Page, the token associated with that account may expire.

Insufficient Permissions: If you lack the necessary permissions to post to a specific Facebook page, the token may expire.

Identical Posts to Multiple Accounts: Publishing identical posts simultaneously to multiple accounts can trigger token expiration.

Logging In from Different IP Addresses: If your account is accessed from various IP addresses, especially if multiple individuals have login information, it may cause token expiration.

Frequent Logins and Logouts: Continuously logging in and out of multiple accounts can lead to token expiration.

Password Change: Changing your Facebook account password requires immediate token renewal to maintain access.

Improper Connection of Instagram Business Account: If the Instagram Business account is not correctly connected to the associated Facebook page, its tokens may expire.

Please note that Facebook and Instagram Business use the same tokens (FB tokens). To identify which Facebook account token is being used, navigate to the "Add and Manage Accounts" section in eclincher.

Resolving Expiration Issues

If your Facebook account token is expiring more frequently than expected, follow these steps:

Open and visit the pages you manage or post to using eClincher. Facebook will display any necessary actions or requirements at the top of the page before you can continue publishing.

For Facebook pages with a large audience, enabling 2-Factor Authentication for the Facebook account admin or editor may be necessary before you can publish to the page. Some pages may also require verification of the Facebook account's Primary Country Location.

Complete all the requirements specified by Facebook for the page. Visit the page using the associated Facebook account, and if permissions are lacking, a message will be displayed at the top. Additionally, try posting to the page directly on using the same account to check for any errors.

After fulfilling all the requirements, return to eClincher's "Add and Manage Accounts" section and renew both Facebook and Instagram Business tokens (if IGB is using the same FB account).

You can find more information in the following articles:
- New Authorization for Pages
- Facebook Help: Page Publishing Authorization Requirements

To check all the PAGE PUBLISHING AUTHORIZATION REQUIREMENTS, follow these steps:

Go to your Facebook account settings.

Under General, select View Identity Confirmation.

You will find PAGE PUBLISHING AUTHORIZATIONS. Make sure to fulfill all the requirements specified.

Once completed, return to eClincher and renew the tokens for Facebook and Instagram Business.

If you notice that only the Instagram Business account tokens are expiring despite completing the above steps, it's possible that the Instagram Business account is not properly connected to its Facebook page. Refer to Step 8 in this article: Can't Connect or See my Instagram Business Account in Add and Manage Accounts

After ensuring the proper connection of the Instagram Business account, renew the Instagram Business tokens to resolve the expiration issue.

If you have any further inquiries or concerns, please feel free to contact our Support Team. We are available 24/7 and are here to assist you.

Thank you,
The eclincher Support Team

Updated on: 04/06/2023

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