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Managing employee turnover is a necessary aspect of running a company, and while it may not be easy, handling this transition effectively is a valuable investment. In some cases, you may need to transfer departmental responsibilities and migrate tasks within the eclincher social media management tool. This employee transition, also known as "the handover," is a crucial process for any organization. While onboarding has traditionally received more attention, offboarding exiting employees and completing the formal transition process is equally important.

We are here to assist you with the offboarding process in eclincher. With the eclincher 'User Migration Tool,' you can easily migrate all eclincher data to a new user (new or transitioning employee) with just a few clicks. This article will discuss the following:

I. User Migration Tool Requirements
II. How to Use the Migration Tool

I. Migration Tool Requirements

Migrated data includes the following:
- Settings
- Past and scheduled posts
- Inbox items
- Queues (Auto Post with Queues and RSS)
- Analytics

To successfully migrate this data, the new user must have admin permissions for the following social media profiles:
- Facebook
- Instagram
- LinkedIn
- Google My Business

The account that will receive the migration should also have permissions for these accounts/profiles and should be enabled/activated before the migration can be performed.

Please note that only the Main Admin of your eclincher account can use the Migration tool.

II. How to Use the Migration Tool

You can easily access the Migration Tool by navigating to the Add and Manage accounts tab.

Accessing the Migration Tool

Once there, click on the Options icon and select "Migrate data to new user."

Selecting Migration Tool

On the Migration Tool window, select the data source, profile/page to migrate, and the data destination.

Migration Tool Window

Migration Tool Options

Data and destination sources with expired tokens/permissions will work with the migration tool. Ensure that the profile under the data destination has all the necessary admin permissions for the data to be transferred successfully from the data source.

Complete your current data migration before initiating new migrations.

Indication that the migration is being processed.
Migration in Progress

Indication that the migration was successfully processed.
Migration Successful

Reminder to verify and check if all scheduled posts and inbox items have been successfully migrated.
Verification Reminder

If you have any additional questions or suggestions to improve this capability, please don't hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 Support Team. We are here to assist you.

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Updated on: 31/05/2023

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