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How to renew Access Tokens

Renewing Access Tokens: Keeping Your Accounts Active

When your access token expires, it's crucial to renew it for the respective account/profile. Here are a few methods to renew your access tokens effectively:

Using the "Expired Tokens" Dropdown:
- Locate the "Expired Tokens" option on the upper right part of your screen. Click on it to reveal a dropdown menu displaying profiles that require token renewal.
- Identify the specific profile that needs token renewal and click on "Renew Token."

Renew Token - Expired Tokens

Access Token Renewal via "Add & Manage Accounts":
- Navigate to the "Add & Manage Accounts" section, where you can manage your accounts and their associated tokens.
- Find the profile that requires token renewal and click on the three dots icon. From the options that appear then select "Renew Token."

Renew Token - Add & Manage Accounts

If you renew a token in one brand and other brands have the same profile enabled, the expired tokens will also renew in other brands (Agency plan).

By following these steps, you will successfully renew your access tokens. Once renewed, your scheduled posts will publish properly, and you'll be able to access inbox items and generate reporting analytics seamlessly.

Updated on: 18/08/2023

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