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Campaign Tags

In this article, you will be informed of the uses and Campaign tags, and how to create it to incorporate it to your posts.

What is a Campaign Tag

Campaign tags are, tags, that you can include to your posts so that you can:

Track your Custom Marketing Campaigns
Allow you to see Marketing Campaigns reported separately in eclincher Analytics report
Adjust your future Marketing campaign, seeing which campaign is working or not working, and come out with deliverable results for future marketing campaign and strategy.

How to create a Campaign Tag

- On the publishing area, click on the megaphone icon.

- A pop up window will appear allowing you to add a campaign tag, with the campaign name, and color of your preference. Your new campaign tag will appear everytime you click on the megaphone icon, and you will be able to tag them to the posts, associated to that campaign

How to add a Campaign Tag to your posts

You can add your Campaign Tags in two ways:

On the Publishing Area, click on the megaphone icon, and put a check mark on the box at the left side of the campaign name. You will see that the campaign tag is activated when the megaphone icon's color is green. (This is adding a campaign tag while creating a post)

On the Calendar View area, just click on the 'three dot' icon, and then click on 'Edit Tag Posts'. In here, you can select the corresponding Campaign tag that you would like to use for your post. (This is adding a campaign tag to posts that have already been scheduled/published)

Locating Campaign Tags

You can locate your campaign tags from the Calendar section and the Analytics section.

Keep track of the Campaign Tags included from your scheduled and published post from the calendar, and the visual calendar.
From the Calendar List view, you can hover your mouse over the campaign tag mark, with the chosen color you have created. You can also add a campaign tag for a published post by clicking on the mega phone icon on each post.

You can easily see the Campaign tags you have from the Visual Calendar

Monitor how your Campaign tags are doing from the Built-in Reports. To find the data from your Campaign tags, please click the Analytics at the left hand side of your dashboard and choose Built-In Reports, click on the Social media profile that you'd like to pull the Campaign tag analytics from, and finally click on the Post tab.

Once you're in the 'Post' Tab, you should be able to find your Campaign Analytics below:

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our Support Team is available 24/7 to assist you.

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Updated on: 06/06/2022

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