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How to post using Mobile Push Notification / How to Post Multiple Images to Instagram / How to Post to Instagram Personal profiles

The following Instagram Posts require the mobile Push Notification process before the post can be published:
All types of posts if the account is an Instagram Personal/User profile (Single/Multiple Images, Videos)
Posts to Instagram Stories and Reels
GIF Posts - Instagram does not support GIF images. If you try to post this using eclincher -> Push Notification, it will be posted as a static image. It would be best to convert the GIF to video. Video posts can be directly published to Instagram Business using eclincher (No need for Mobile Push Notification)

Before you would be able to post using Mobile Push Notification to Instagram, you would first need to

Install the eclincher mobile app on your mobile device
Enable Instagram Publishing via mobile
In the same mobile device, have the Instagram app installed

You can Enable IG Publishing via mobile by checking this article:


Once you create an Instagram Post that requires Push Notification, you will see a button that says USE PUSH NOTIFICATION. You can click this if you want to send your post to your mobile device via push notification. (For example: If you want to Post to Instagram stories instead) Green means it is enabled.

If the Instagram post requires the use of Push Notification, this will be automatically enabled, and there is no option to disable this.

Once the schedule of the post arrives, the post will then be sent to your connected mobile device. You will receive a notification:

if notifications are disabled for your device, just open the eclincher app, and go to Instagram Notifications Area. You should see the post there:

Just look for the post. Click/tap on Publish Now and then select Post now.

This will then open the Instagram app. After you are redirected to Instagram, just tap on (+). What happens is the images to your post were transferred to your phone's gallery/image roll. All you need to do is select them. Make sure that you are also logged in to the correct Instagram account.

Next is the caption. The caption is automatically copied to your phone's clipboard. Just do a LONG PRESS under Write a Caption, and then tap PASTE after.

Just click SHARE to finish the post.

What the Push Notification process basically does is simply transfer the post to your mobile device. This is currently a limitation of Instagram's API, and all 3rd party applications are required the same process.

Single Images, Carousel, IG Reels, and Video Posts to Instagram Business do not require this, and they can be published directly without a push notification.

You can still force the push notification process in case you want to do the following;
Posting an IG Story
Using IG's image editor/filters.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our Support Team is available 24/7 to assist you.

Thank you,
The eclincher Support Team

Updated on: 10/02/2023

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