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How to post using Mobile Push Notification / How to Post Multiple Images to Instagram / How to Post to Instagram Personal profiles

Push Notification Process for Instagram Posts

To publish certain types of Instagram posts, including images, videos, stories, reels, and GIFs, using eclincher, you need to follow the mobile push notification process. Here's how you can enable and use this feature:

Install the eclincher mobile app on your device and make sure you have the Instagram app installed as well.

Enable Instagram Publishing via mobile by following the instructions in this article: Enable Push Notifications for IG - Enable IG Publishing via Mobile Device

The Push Notification Process:

When creating an Instagram post that requires push notification, you will see a button labeled "USE PUSH NOTIFICATION." Click this button to send the post to your mobile device via push notification. The button will be green when enabled, and you cannot disable this feature.

Enable Push Notification

Once the scheduled time for the post arrives, it will be sent to your connected mobile device, and you will receive a notification.

Mobile Notification

If notifications are disabled on your device, open the eclincher app and go to the Instagram Notifications area. You will find the post there.

Instagram Notifications

Look for the post in the app and click/tap on "Publish Now," then select "Post Now" to proceed.

Publish Now in Mobile App

This will open the Instagram app, and the images for your post will be transferred to your phone's gallery. Select the images and ensure that you are logged in to the correct Instagram account.

Select Images in Instagram App

Copy the caption from eclincher by doing a LONG PRESS in the "Write a Caption" section in the Instagram app and then tapping "PASTE."

Paste Caption in Instagram App

Finally, click "SHARE" to complete the post.

The push notification process simply transfers the post to your mobile device, as it is a limitation imposed by Instagram's API for third-party applications. However, single images, carousel posts, IG Reels, and video posts to Instagram Business accounts do not require this process and can be published directly.

You can still choose to use the push notification process for specific purposes, such as posting an IG Story or utilizing IG's image editor/filters.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 Support Team.

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Updated on: 05/06/2023

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