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Adding Instagram Business Accounts, and what to do if they are not showing up in Add and Manage Accounts

Adding Instagram Business Accounts, and what to do if they are not showing up in Add and Manage Accounts

Before you can add an Instagram Business account to eclincher, these are the requirements:
The Instagram Business account must be properly connected to a Facebook page that you manage.
Your Facebook user account must be at least an admin or an editor of this Facebook page.

If you are trying to add an Instagram business account, try the following steps:

On your browser, log in to the Facebook User account that has admin rights to the Facebook Page where the Instagram Business account is linked to.
Open another tab and go to your eclincher account.
Click Add & Manage accounts, then click 'Add Account'

After that, there should be a box that will pop-up. Click 'Instagram Business & Creator'

All Instagram Business profiles linked to Facebook pages you admin will be pulled up.
Click on the checkbox of the Instagram Business profile you want to manage.
Click Save

Go to STEP 7 if the above steps does not resolve the problem.

If it says that:

​"INSTAGRAM BUSINESS ACCOUNT ALREADY EXISTS", even though you are logged in to the correct Facebook account

just simply click (1)"RENEW TOKENS" and (2)"UPDATE PAGES" in Add and Manage accounts:

If the Instagram Business account appears, go back to Step 5 and 6.

If after doing the above steps, the Instagram Business account still does not appear, please check and ensure that the Instagram Business account is properly connected to its Facebook page.

This can be done in , go to the Facebook Page's Settings -> Instagram, and connect the Instagram account

You will know if the Instagram Business account is properly connected to the Facebook page only if you see this message above:

If you see the above message, it means that you can now add this Instagram Business account to eclincher.

If you see a message that says REVIEW CONNECTION, click it.

P.S. Only admins of the business that owns the page can review this connection. If it says that you are not an admin of the business that owns the page, please contact the owner of the page to review the connection.

This can be done in Instagram Mobile app too

On your Instagram Mobile app, go to EDIT PROFILE

UNDER PUBLIC BUSINESS INFORMATION -> PAGE, the correct Facebook page must be selected. If it is not, just tap PAGE and select the correct Facebook page.

Once this is done, just renew your tokens and update pages/data for Instagram Business once again. (GO BACK TO STEP 7)

If you see that it is indeed properly connected to the correct Facebook page, then the problem must be with eclincher not having sufficient permission to access your Facebook page -> Instagram Business account. To resolve this, follow the steps below:


If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our Support Team is available 24/7 to assist you.

Thank you,
The eclincher Support Team

Updated on: 09/06/2022

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