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How to use Auto Post with Queues

Automated Posting with Queues

Our platform offers an exciting feature called "Auto Post with Queues" that allows you to automate your social media posting. With this feature, you can create a group of posts and schedule them to be posted on your different social media profiles daily or weekly.

To access Auto Post with Queues, go to the Publishing Tab located on the left-hand side of your dashboard. Please note: Auto post with Queues is only available for Premier and Agency plans only

Auto Post with Queues

Follow these steps to set up your automated posting:

STEP 1: Add a New Queue

Click on the "+ ADD QUEUE" button to create a new queue.

Add New Queue

On the new page that appears, you can set various preferences and options for the new queue, new posts, and profile schedule. Each step will be marked as completed once you finish it.

New Queue Settings

Under "Add New Queue," complete the following four options:

a. Queue Name: Enter a name for your queue.
b. Queue Color: Select a preferred color for the queue.
c. Select social network to associate with this queue: Choose the social media platform you want to use the queue for.
d. Select Queue Type: Choose the type of queue you want to create.

- Recycle Queue: Posts in this queue will be recycled indefinitely. Once the queue reaches its end, it starts over.
- One Time Queue: Posts in this queue will be published once and then deleted. This is limited to one profile, account, or page. You can choose to receive an email notification or turn off the queue when it becomes empty.
- End-Date Queue: Posts in this queue will be recycled until a specified end date. For example, if you select January 31, the posts will be published from this queue until January 30.

Please note that you can only create a queue for a specific social media channel. For example, if you create a queue for Facebook, it can only post to Facebook pages or groups, and if you create a queue for Instagram, it can only post to Instagram profiles.

Click the "Save & Continue" button to proceed to the next step.

STEP 2: Add New Posts

In this step, you can create and add posts to your queue.

Add New Post

You have two options: "Create posts" or "Bulk upload posts."

- "Create posts" is selected by default. Use the post editor to create your content.
- If you prefer to upload posts in CSV or Excel format, choose the "Bulk upload posts" tab. It allows you to upload files, select content, and add them to the queue.

Once you've finished creating or uploading posts, click the "Save to Queue" button to add them to the queue. Alternatively, you can choose the "More Options" tab to add the post to the approval list.

Posts in Queue

On the right side of the page, you will see all the posts that you uploaded or created in the queue. Once you are done double-checking, you can click "Save & continue"

You can now add the "profile schedule". Click the "Add profile schedule" then click the dropdown and select the profile that you want/need.

Once you are done selecting a profile, you can now set a schedule for the posts inside the queue to publish. The next post in the queue will be published depending on the schedule that you set. You can add multiple schedules for different days of the week or month.

When you are done setting the schedules for the posts in the queue, you can now save the queue and click "Enable Auto Publishing for this queue" if you already want to turn on the queue.

If you have any additional questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 chat support!

Updated on: 31/05/2023

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