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Posting Guidelines (Post Composing Essentials)

Post Composing Essentials

How to create and edit posts with eclincher

Creating posts with eclincher is easy! In this article we will review key features that you can leverage when creating your next post.

Post editor is conveniently located on the default landing page or you can get there from the Publishing menu on the left part of your webpage.

Selecting Social Media Channels

Clicking on Select Profile(s) drop down reveals profiles available and lets you select the desired combination.

Creating a new Post

Available character and hashtag counts are reflected in the post editor window and are updated dynamically as you type your message.

Additional post options are found in the upper left of the post editor window. You can reuse saved replies and hashtags, add emojis, shorten links and more.

Action Buttons
Use Action Buttons to utilize additional platform specific features available to you. They appear dynamically based on selections you make.

Uploading Media
A variety of choices are available to you for adding media. Upload your own media or use multiple free media libraries to get you going. Also, the fully integrated Canva option provides you with stunning images and graphic editing capabilities, perfectly suited for social media use.

Editing Images
Hover over the selected image and discover powerful editing tools.

The Editing Tool feature, lets you add logo/ water mark to your image, crop/ resize to your preference, add filter to your image , and so much more!

Editing Video Metadata
Change thumbnails and edit other metadata when posting videos, using the Video Properties button.

Adding Links
The Post Editor supports hyperlinks. After you enter a link, any metadata gathered from it will display and its appearance might change based on your preferences.

Links are scraped and shortened based on the definitions in Publishing Settings. Use the Gear icon on the top right corner to review your selections.

Additional Action Buttons are available to further edit the link's metadata or select a different image from it.

Mentioning Other Users
When creating posts, you’ll sometimes want to mention other users. When typing a mention starting with @, the available selections for platform/s will show in a drop down list.

Since each network has its own user tags, use a single social profile when constructing posts with mentions.

Previewing Messages
You can preview messages before publishing them. It is dynamically updated as you compose your message.

Scroll or paginate in See Preview to see how your post will look like on each network you've selected.

If you detect any issues, try using Missing preview? option to remedy.

Note: The Post Preview is the best estimation of how a post will come out. The social networks updates might affect accuracy in some cases.

Content Delivery Options
Once your post has been crafted, you have a few ways to manage how it will be published, ranging from posting it immediately, sending it for review or saving it for later as a draft.

Tip: If you wonder what is the best time to post for your audience, consult eclincher Analytics; or by clicking the "Best Times To Post" on "Add Schedule" .
Here's a helpful article regarding our Best Times To Post

Managing Posts
To find messages that have been drafted, scheduled, queued or waiting for approval, navigate to the right hand side of the Publishing tab.

Google Drive Integration
You can attach media files from your personal Google Drive as well. Click the person icon on the upper left part of the website to go to Add & Manage Accounts window > Integrations then connect your Google Drive using personal Google Account;

Take note that you can only connect a personal Google Drive, the ones from G-Suite/Domains is not supported.

Customizing Posts for each Social Media Channel

You can modify content for each social channel in one place. For more information on how to do this, you can check it right here

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our Support Team is available 24/7 to assist you.

Thank you,
The eclincher Support Team

Updated on: 19/06/2022

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